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Personal Training for the Whole Person

Yoga Instruction * Holistic Wellness Counseling * Spiritual Direction

Do you feel alienated from your body?
Is your soul weary?
Does your life seem empty?
Maybe you're doing ok
or even great by worldly standards,
but still find yourself asking,
"Is this all there is?"
You desire intensity but nothing satisfies.
Many people today suffer from existential ennui.
There is a disconnect from life.
Perhaps you believe in God,
yet the Divine seems distant and you have no joy.
Or maybe you don't believe in anything.
That's ok.
Wherever you are on your journey,
I'm here to walk beside you and help you discover
how yoga can change your life.
Learn to love your body, reconnect and find your Bliss!
Already found it?  Great!
Go deeper at Body Soul Bliss
and celebrate through breath and movement.

At Body Soul Bliss we don't follow any particular modern style.  We teach classical old-fashioned yoga for the whole person, body and soul, adapted to suit your individual needs as yoga was originally intended.  Our goal is not only to help you attain physical fitness, but also inner peace. You will leave here feeling spiritually refreshed, ready to meet life's challenges and to be a channel of blessing to yourself and others.
We are the only Heart of Yoga studio in Florida.  Our unique method of movement and breathing comes direct from the source in India via our teacher Mark Whitwell, who lived and studied with Krishnamacharya, "the teacher of all the modern teachers."  Mark has preserved Krishnamacharya's teachings intact and undiluted, passing down the ancient principles that have been largely ignored or forgotten by other modern yoga schools, especially the fundamental premise:  Yoga is the practical means to tangibly realize your spiritual ideals. 
This is not the "yoga" that you will find at the gym or even at other yoga studios, where it is usually presented as pretty poses or gymnastic contortions attainable only by athletic skinny people and/or celibate monks in a Himalayan cave.  Mark's technique has been called "advanced yoga for perfect beginners."  If you can breathe, you can do it!  And experienced yoga adepts can incorporate this deceptively simple, yet very powerful technique into whatever system they are already doing and take it to the next level. 
If you want to experience real yoga, the deeper spiritual side as well as the physical postures, in a tranquil environment with one-on-one attention, then Lothlorien is the place for you.
We also offer pilates, freestyle dance, personalized fitness training, holistic wellness counseling, spiritual direction, guided nature walks, tai chi and zen archery. 

The "sun and moon" is the emblem of the Community of Francis and Clare.  Donovan sang about it in his beautiful song, "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" from the movie about the life of Saint Francis. It is also a symbol representing hatha yoga. What does it mean? Click here to read about our philosophy of yoga and other fascinating yoga-related topics.

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Body Soul Bliss LLC
5702 Arnold Road, Panama City, FL 32404
phone:  850-238-0566

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